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Can Americans still legally travel to Cuba?

Last update November 03,2020 The Trump administration issued the new Cuban Policy   last September  24 th , 2020.  It has confused many, even for those in the travel industry. Is it still legal for American to travel to Cuba? I've already bought my flight, what can I do now? Keep Calm and go to Cuba, it's still legal! I checked out The New Regulations with the tour operator and travel agent outfitter Sarah Arizaga , manager the  Cuban Adventures USA  branch that has been sending Americans to Cuba since 2014. Her answer was emphatic. Americans can still go to this beautiful island, and it's fairly simple. Here are Sarah's answers to my questions. I thought Obama had ended with the embargo!! What is needed for the embargo to be lifted? Unfortunately, Obama did not lift the embargo , although he got as close as he could.    While the president has a lot of leeway in strengthening or relaxing restrictions, only an act of Cong

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